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INVESTOR - is the company Rywal RHC LLC with headquarters in Warsaw on ul. Chelmzynska 180. The company is characterized by a multibranch structure and is represented by Mariusz Gren – President of Management and Waldemar Wiśniewski – proxy authorized for independent representation. Company management – ul. Polna 140b, Torun 87-100. RYWAL-RHC GROUP offers technology, machines and products used in processes that deal with joining and cutting materials by using heat (welding consumables, welding equipment, cutting and grinding machines, ventilation systems, personal protective equipment, technical chemistry products and robots).

Project Coordinator:

LIDER INVESTMENT is a company which arose in response to the real-estate market’s great demand for a modern and innovative range of services among companies and specialists active in the Polish commercial real-estate market. Success will come only to those who master the fundamental principles and explore today’s market. Our analysis is done by certified participants in the CCIM course – Certified Commercial Investment Member – who are trained and tested by outstanding specialists – theoreticians and practitioners from the United States and Canada possessing rich practical experience who make up and elite group of instructors at the CCIM Institute.


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1. The Building
legal address of the Building – ul. Kościuszki 71

2.  Landlord
The owner of this piece of real-estate is the company Rywal HRC LLC with headquarters in Warsaw on ul. Chelmzynska 180.  The company is characterized by a multibranch structure and is represented by Mariusz Gren – President of Management and Waldemar Wiśniewski – proxy authorized for independent representation. Company management – ul. Polna 140b, Torun 87-100. The owner does not rule out the possibility of establishing a special purpose entity assigned to this investment.

KOSCIUSZKO BUSINESS POINT - which offers a total office space usable area of 6000 s qm (each floor offers office space usable area of  1500 s qm), is of the OPEN SPACE type, making possible unhindered design of the interior which is spread out over 4 stories of the building. This building was designed in a way that shapes modern office space flexibly - from modules of 200 s qm to 1500 s qm of the open space type, while maintaining all inner infrastructure for business activity of the call center type.
On the ground floor of the building (approximately 1622 m2) there is, in addition to the representative hall, the possibility of locating a bank or a restaurant with a café.
Download plans of the building:
0 – ground floor , I  –  first floor, II – second floor, III – third floor, IV - fourth floor

4. Parking

The total number of parking spaces comes to 170. There are 67 general access ground-level spaces and 103 paid underground spaces for 150 zl net per month. The ratio of parking space is 20/1000m2. The lessee will have free access to the leased spaced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Underground plan  (garage) – download here (pdf)
land-use plan - download here (pdf)

5. Initial Lease Term

Contractual issues will be negotiated. The Lessor  expects lease agreement for 5 years.

6. Base Rental Rate
On application.

7. Service Charge/ Operating Expenses
The lessee will be obligated to cover the share of the usage costs of the building including all costs and expenditures connected with maintenance, functioning and management of the building. The lessee’s share of the usage costs will be determined as a ratio of the office space devoted to the lessee’s lease to the entire space marked for rent in the building. The lessor foresees the possibility of giving the lessee permission to take over some services exclusively serving the lessee. In this case, the scope of services covered by service charges will be reduced for services taken over by the lessee and the amount of advance payment of operating costs will be reduced accordingly. Operating costs will be billed annually based on actual costs incurred.
Additionally, the lessee will be obligated to cover the costs of supply and the usage of electricity, air-conditioning, heating and water, which will be measured by meters.

8.  Right to Audit Service Charges
The lessee will be authorized to conduct an independent audit of the usage costs in accordance with the audit procedure determined by the parties of the lease agreement.

9. Collateral / Security deposit
The lessor expects a security agreement in accordance with standard solutions applied in agreements of this kind. The preference of the lessor is to secure the agreement in the form of a bank guarantee in the amount equal to 3 months of rent for the office space multiplied by the cofactor of the shared space multiplied by the appropriate VAT tax.

10. Standard on Delivery/Fit-out
Each floor of the building has usable floor space of the OPEN SPACE type.  The office space will be finished (“fit-out”) in accordance with the standard of the building contained in the building plan (available for inspection at the premises of the owner).  The priority during the design of the office building was the obtainment of the most functional, flexible usable floor space – the office space is served by two stairwells and three lifts. The OPEN SPACE interior design of the building makes the free arrangement of desks and offices possible. The investor provides suspended ceilings, walls, and structured floors, AIR Conditioning,  Ventilation system  as well as the installation of all utilities.  A detailed specification of the standard is up to negotiation depending on the arrangement and needs of the lessee.

11. The height of office
 download here (pdf)

12. Information catalogue

13. Detailed information
Commercialization Office KOSCIUSZKO BUSINESS POINT
The office is open from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Magdalena Jasińska
Tel. 48 513-105-937; 48 603-118-118



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